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About us

Sailing in Greece... who wouldn't want that? Well, we do for sure! We are two "younger seniors" (1962&1967) and indeed, if we may say so ourselves, we are excellent company. Until recently we were busy international entrepreneurs and came to the conclusion that we had to change course. What did we want? A simpler life, where there is room for each other and for nature around us. We believe that everyone is responsible for a cleaner world and that connecting with others is more important than chasing material goals. We live with respect for mother earth and do not forget that life is meant to be enjoyed. If you sail with us, you will get to know us as an entertaining couple with a listening ear, but we also have many, many stories to share with you!

Due to our common interest in linguistics, we are fluent in many languages. English, German, Spanish, Portuguese, French and of course Dutch. In the past, Annelies has lived in Portugal and California, and has travelled in Central and South America. Her biggest hobby is music. Rob is a versatile man with years of IT experience and a genuine interest in people. He enjoys playing cricket and is a football goalkeeper. Rob has lived in Switzerland for many years and speaks fluent French.

We met in 1997 when we were colleagues at the same employer. After that we both got married (to others) and got divorced, and then we both repeated that one more time 😊. Since 2020 we have been together for the first time. We have both reached a point in our lives where we no longer want to have a busy job and all the material worries that go with it. We want to enjoy the sun and the sea, and where better to do that than in Greece?

Our dream is to continue our simple existence and to introduce you to the most beautiful side of life. We like to have fun and to share our positivity with you. On this website you will find some examples of what we can do, to give you an idea of what we have to offer. But we would like to point out that we are flexible and can adapt to your individual wishes. If you are interested, please contact us and we will arrange a custom offer for you. With us you are in good company and we will do everything to make your experience with us an unforgettable part of your vacation!


Unique sailing holidays!

Do you fancy a private sailing adventure in the blue waters of Greece? Come with us and take in the energy of the sun, the sea, beaches and ever changing surroundings.

During your holiday with us you'll experience an ultimate feeling of freedom. You can sleep under the starry skies after enjoying a BBQ on the beach. Snorkel, swim or dive in the best locations we discovered for you. It's all possible during our unique private sailing vacations.

  • Unique  private sailing holiday – a once-in-a-lifetime experience.
  • We sail in the most beautiful sailing area of Europe.
  • No sailing experience necessary.

Electrical outboard

We hate those two or four stroke petrol outboard engines. They are loud, they smell, they are heavy. That's why we have chosen for  an electrical outboard for our dinghy.

Starting in Kefalonia

From the idyllic port of Poros on Kefalonia we offer the following trips:

This is the place where modern Greece started. This trip consists of 4 legs. The total length is 80 nautical miles. You have the option of 3 or 4 nights.
A short trip to an island that is not easily reached. The journey consists of two legs with a total length of 60 nautical miles. You stay for one night but can add an optional night.

Starting in Preveza

Preveza borders the channel that gives access to the the Ambracian Gulf. Preveza is a perfect place to start several trips. The trips we provide From Preveza are:

Dolphins in the Ambracian Gulf
The Ambracian Gulf is known for its pods of Dolphins. The total length of this trip is around 60 nautical miles. You have the option of 3 or 4 nights.

Daytrip sailing

Join us on our sailboat while cruising along the beautiful islands along the east coast of Lefkas.

Our sailboat is exclusively sailed by ourselves, and we are eager to accommodate your wishes. Maximum number of guests: 4.

Come on board with us and let us spoil your senses!

€450 per day, including food, beverages and fuel! 

Come and relax with us

Three days on the Mediterranean

Join us on a roundtrip to the beautiful small islands and chrystal clear waters around Lefkas.

On this trip we will depart from Lefkas. Depending on the winds and your wishes, we can visit your desired destinations.

We will sail around 20 miles per day.


  • Nautical miles: 50-80, depending on the wind;
  • 3 days;
  • 2 nights in your private cabin with private bathroom;
  • First night:
    • Anchorage in a secluded spot;
    • Visit Kioni for a Mama Mia experience;
  • Second night:
    • Barbecue on the beach;
    • Another night at Kioni;
    • A second Mama Mia experience in Kalamos;
  • Maximum number of guests: 2;
  • Start any day of the week.

€1350  (excluding food, fuel, beverages and berthing).

Our Bavaria 38 Exclusive sailing yacht