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Preveza to Syvota

Preveza to Syvota

Destination town Syvota is a gem, almost unknown to landlubbers. Little would one know that behind the mountain in this pittoresque town you'll find a luxurious resort surrounded by some of the prettiest small beaches we have seen. And the cool thing is that we can share those same beaches with the luxury resort!

Wade knee-high through chrystal clear waters to an uninhabited small island where wild goats live.  If so desired, you can enjoy a fancy lunch in the resort's bar with spectacular views.

Syvota is located just south of Igoumenitsa. The bay of Syvota is well sheltered for most winds and offers lots of beautiful anchoring spots.

Across from the sea in Syvota you'll see the popular island of Corfu.  Groups of Corfu daytrippers take small tourist boats across the sea for an afternoon in Syvota. They stoll along the boulevard to shop, eat, drink and enjoy the gorgeous views. We just sail there ourselves!

About this trip

From Preveza, we'll set sail north to Syvota in two stretches.  The total length of this trip is approximately 90 nautical miles.

Preveza to Two Rock Bay

On the first day we sail to Two Rock Bay. Two Rock Bay has no marina, so we anchor here in shallow chrystal clear waters on white sand. This is a location with great underwater visibility and is famous for the fact that there is so much fish in these waters. You'll see beautiful blue fish swim along with you. We'll arrive in Two Rock Bay in the afternoon with ample time for swimming, snorkeling and perhaps a barbecue on the beach. There is a small Taverna with small snacks and some cocktails, but it is not always open.  The length of this leg is 25 nautical miles.

Two Rock Bay to Syvota

On the second day we will continue our trip north to Syvota. After a breathtaking sail between the islands of Syvota we arrive in the bay of Syvota. We then have the choice between anchoring or mooring in the harbor. The length of this leg is just under 20 nautical miles. 

Syvota to Paxos

With the prevailing northwest wind, the way back south to Preveza can easily be completed in one day. If you'd like, we can visit the island of Paxos, which is a little further out to sea. Paxos is very popular so we have to get there very early in in the morning to get a good spot. This means that we leave early for Mongonissi, located on the southside of Paxos. The length of this leg is just over 10 nautical miles. 

Paxos to Preveza

Considering the prevailing wind, the way back will go down wind. With a reasonable speed it is possible to cover the 30 nautical miles comfortably in less than 4 hours.

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Starting in Kefalonia

From the idyllic port of Poros on Kefalonia we offer the following trips:

This is the place where modern Greece started. This trip consists of 4 legs. The total length is 80 nautical miles. You have the option of 3 or 4 nights.
A short trip to an island that is not easily reached. The journey consists of two legs with a total length of 60 nautical miles. You stay for one night but can add an optional night.

Starting in Preveza

Preveza borders the channel that gives access to the the Ambracian Gulf. Preveza is a perfect place to start several trips. The trips we provide From Preveza are:

Dolphins in the Ambracian Gulf
The Ambracian Gulf is known for its pods of Dolphins. The total length of this trip is around 60 nautical miles. You have the option of 3 or 4 nights.

Daytrip sailing

Join us on our sailboat while cruising along the beautiful islands along the east coast of Lefkas.

Our sailboat is exclusively sailed by ourselves, and we are eager to accommodate your wishes. Maximum number of guests: 4.

Come on board with us and let us spoil your senses!

€450 per day, including food, beverages and fuel! 

Come and relax with us

Three days on the Mediterranean

Join us on a roundtrip to the beautiful small islands and chrystal clear waters around Lefkas.

On this trip we will depart from Lefkas. Depending on the winds and your wishes, we can visit your desired destinations.

We will sail around 20 miles per day.


  • Nautical miles: 50-80, depending on the wind;
  • 3 days;
  • 2 nights in your private cabin with private bathroom;
  • First night:
    • Anchorage in a secluded spot;
    • Visit Kioni for a Mama Mia experience;
  • Second night:
    • Barbecue on the beach;
    • Another night at Kioni;
    • A second Mama Mia experience in Kalamos;
  • Maximum number of guests: 2;
  • Start any day of the week.

€1350  (excluding food, fuel, beverages and berthing).

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